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Friday, November 14, 2008

Too many knits

This happens every year around this time for me. Oh yes, the dreaded month of November for all of us late crafters. Months ago we all promised hand-made goods for friends and family, and maybe for a week or so diligently worked on these pieces, but then they all went in the WIP pile with thoughts of "eh I'll just finish it up next week."

You think I would learn by now.

So far I have a baby sweater to make the sleeves for, an awful striping pattern which has turned me away from striping for awhile (oh God the loose yarn ends), a dog sweater that I just started, and a cardigan for my grandma that I don't even have the yarn for yet (or even a pattern for that matter).

Ugh, it's going to be a long month.

And I still haven't even finished the sweater for myself yet. I guess that's going to have to wait and become the Christmas vacation time knitting project. Boo.

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