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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Peppermint bark trial 2

I made some of this stuff earlier in the month to give away with some xmas goodies. With more family coming in for Christmas, I thought I'd make another batch because it was such a hit. How can one resist dark chocolate, white chocolate, and mint?

Cooling/solidifying on the table

Well I learned some important things during batch 2.
1) Never buy Nestle brand morsel things, even if they're the only thing left in the store. Go to another one. They are complete crap. The "white chocolate" could have been replaced with "really cheap almond bark with a ton of crappy sugar added." Thank God I had half a bag of Ghirardelli and half a bag of Hershey "white chocolate" left over from some other recipe.
2) Using a hammer will pulverize candy cane into dust. No matter how soft you tap it, it just shatters into dust. Last time I made it I used a rubber mallet and that gave me a good distribution of large pieces and the dust.


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